Electronic Bed Board

Taking the Wait Out of Waiting Room

logo_infotechCheck into most good hotels these days and a clerk will glance at a computer screen and quickly hand over a key card.

The Seton Family of Hospitals wants to make the experience of checking into a hospital room just as swift and effortless.

Seton’s Electronic Bed Board tracking system gives nursing and admissions staff an instant snapshot of the status of beds throughout the hospital. With a quick glance at a color-coded screen, staff can locate a clean, available room for a new or transferring patient. If a room is unavailable, they can even check for rooms at other Seton hospitals.

The Electronic Bed Board application uses Teletracker software, which is integrated into the Seton Citrix application portal.

Shorter wait times reduce stress levels among patients and nursing staff alike. Patients settle down more quickly into their rooms. And nurses spend more time at the bedside with you and less time tracking down empty beds.

Electronic Bed Board technology is currently in place at four Seton hospitals (Seton Medical Center, Brackenridge, Children’s Hospital, and Seton Northwest), but will eventually be available across the Network.