Training for the Nurse Preceptor

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Course Objectives:
1. Review preceptor responsibilities and core competencies as defined by Seton Healthcare Family, the Texas Board of Nursing and Evidence Based Practice/Best Practices.
2.Apply Benner’s Novice to Expert continuum, generational characteristics, adult learning principles and previous experience of the orientee to develop an orientation plan for the newly hired nurse.
3. Apply Cognitive Apprenticeship principles to identify how the roles and responsibilities of the preceptor and orientee change throughout the orientation period.
4. Discuss methods of integrating and evaluating critical thinking/clinical decision making into the orientation of the new nurse.
5. Reflect on communication techniques used to provide timely and effective feedback to the orientee.
6. Identify supportive and non-supportive actions and how they can assist or deter the socialization of the new hire to their chosen unit.



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