Breastfeeding Success

Welcome to Breastfeeding Success!

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Cost: $40.00 for mother and breastfeeding support partner

Join us for a fun and informative class to get you prepared for breastfeeding your new little bundle.

During this interactive and engaging class we will cover:
  • Why breastfeed
  • How to get things off to a good start
  • What to expect in the first few days
  • What to expect during engorgement
  • Milk production explained - establishing and maintaining supply
  • How to know that things are going well and when to ask for help
  • Understanding and overcoming common breastfeeeding challenges
  • Hand expression
  • Breastpumps and other tools

This class will incorporate teaching skills that appeal to all types of adult learners:

  • Hands on practice breastfeeding positioning with dolls
  • Videos to illustrate latch, positioning, and hand expression
  • Hand expression practice with breast models

Also please note that the Breastfeeding Success Prenatal Breastfeeding Class is designed for all types of families and all types of breastfeeding. The cost of the class includes admission for yourself plus your breastfeeding support partner. Please feel welcome to share your plans with your instructor so that we may tailor each class to its participants. Our success is helping you meet yours.

What to bring

You will be given an informational packet that you can go home with but you might want to take notes.

  • Some moms find it helpful to bring a pen and notebook.
  • Bring a support partner. It will be helpful to have support with you for the class who might be able to help you remember all the information so that you can implement all of the tools and latching techniques once your little one is here. 

Please bring your questions and your partner and get ready to find your own breastfeeding success.



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