Living The Humancare Promise

Ascension Seton is committed to delivering Humancare – high quality care with the dignity and respect that everyone deserves. Every person on the Ascension Seton team lives the Humancare promise by embracing specific behaviors to create a supportive environment for patients, families and each other. We've grouped these behaviors into the seven categories shown below.


Person Centered

  • I use good manners and show a positive attitude in my words and actions.
  • I take care of myself so I can take care of others.
  • I am aware of the needs of others. I listen to their ideas and include them when I can.
  • I listen carefully so I can understand and respond in a helpful way.


  • I am honest and offer constructive feedback to others. I avoid gossip.
  • I adapt to the changes around me and learn new ways to give excellent care.
  • I complete tasks quickly and completely. If I can't, I find someone who can.
  • I always look for a better way.


  • I take responsibility for my work and know that my job is important to Ascension Seton's mission.
  • I stay informed about goals, changes and policy updates. When knowledge is missing, I ask.
  • I remain aware of what's going on around me. I don't share confidential information.
  • I manage my time so I can complete my work. I will tell others if I can't meet a deadline or complete my work. I make informed decisions.


  • I believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • I value people's differences, including age, religion, culture, gender and experiences.
  • I remember and honor Ascension Seton's religious traditions.
  • Others respect me because I share my ideas, work well with my team, and don't waste resources.


  • I help others and won't say "It's not my job."
  • I respect the skills and opinions of others. They contribute to Ascension Seton's and my success.
  • I coach others, welcome feedback and look for new ways to learn and grow.
  • I inspire gratitude by saying "thank you."


  • I anticipate the needs of others and look for ways to help.
  • I make eye contact, speak professionally, allow others on to the elevator first.
  • I take others to their destinations, and use technology in a responsible way.
  • I am proud of my work and of my team. I tell others that Ascension Seton offers excellent care and services.


  • I focus on safety and quality. I am highly reliable and practice 200% accountability.
  • I share my concerns respectfully and work hard to solve problems.
  • I wear my badge and follow the dress code. I pick up trash, report disrepair and clean up spills.