Premiere Staffing

Premiere Staffing is an internal staffing agency for Seton Healthcare Family. We employ experienced RNs, clinical assistants, patient observers, surgical technicians and respiratory therapists. Most of our staff work on a PRN/per diem basis, although we do have some full-time and part-time positions available for select shifts and specialties.

Our facilities are made up of eleven hospitals, and some clinics. Included in these are the regional trauma center, the regional heart transplant center, the regional children’s hospital, a psychiatric hospital and more. Premiere Staff members are skilled clinical staff who enjoy working at different facilities and want the freedom of self-scheduling. PRN staff schedules are on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Staff members, in full-time or part-time positions, are self-scheduled on a monthly basis. Hospital assignments are made two hours prior to the start of a shift and are based on the specialty selection of the staff member and the needs of the facilities. Staff members make the decision about which clinical specialties they will support.

As an introduction to our network, we provide general orientation, specialty orientation and a hospital orientation that is tailored to meet the experience and clinical needs of each new staff member. As a member of the Seton Healthcare Family, our staff have access to all the CEUs, in-services and training offered to Seton employees.

Be a part of an experienced clinical staff and:

  • Meet new people throughout Austin and Central Texas
  • Expand your clinical experiences and skills
  • Earn hourly rates competitive with area agencies
  • Take advantage of flexible self-scheduling