The Seton Healthcare Family offers spine care for adults and children with scoliosis or kyphosis. While not all cases of scoliosis or kyphosis are preventable, diagnosis and treatment can greatly improve spine health. Treatment can also mean long-lasting pain relief. Seton’s physicians and rehabilitation specialists work closely with each person to develop a customized treatment plan.

What Sets Us Apart

Customized Solutions to Spinal Disorders

With an emphasis on conservative care first and minimally invasive surgery when indicated, each person receives a customized treatment plan for their spinal disorder. We encourage our patients to adopt a disease management focus that emphasizes counseling education for more comprehensive support.

Patient-Centered Spine Care

At Seton, we see you as more than your condition. The best spine care starts with each person’s unique needs, and that includes taking a family-centered approach for every individual. Our multidisciplinary team works closely with our patients, their caregivers and their families to create an inclusive treatment plan that gives you the best possible care.

Advanced Scoliosis Expertise

The expert team at the Seton Spine & Scoliosis Center represents some of the most well-established names in the field of scoliosis treatment, medicine and research. Our fellowship-trained physicians have the professional background and personal knowledge to deliver expert care for even the most complex spinal problems, as well as access to innovative diagnostics and medical care.

Non-Surgical Spine Care Specialists

Our care team includes Physical Medicine and Rehab physicians who specialize in non-surgical spine care. Dr. Moroz helps people return to activity without spine surgery, including administering pain-relieving spinal injections, with a focus of care on the diagnosis and assessment of back and spine problems. Another specialist in non-surgical treatment of back and neck problems, Dr. Pena focuses on the diagnosis and assessment of musculoskeletal and spine problems.