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Ross Vines, PT

Clinical Internship Instructor, Senior Physical Therapist/Team Leader

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Ross Vines, PT

Clinical Internship Instructor, Senior Physical Therapist/Team Leader

Mr. Vines moved to Austin in the '80s to start his clinical practice, as soon as he could get here from graduate school at Duke and undergrad at Kansas State. In his spare time you may see him at yoga class, the gym, running the hills, paddling the lake or cheerleading his 3 daughters' performances.

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  • Spine Rehabilitation

Provides Care Through

  • Seton Spine & Rehabilitation Center

My Passion for Healthcare

I decided to go into healthcare/physical therapy in college when I switched from an engineering major to medicine/PT in order to have a career that is hands-on and focuses on helping people to heal and function better. Since then I have never looked back and continue to appreciate the ability of the human body and spirit to recover function after injury or illness. I began evaluating and treating patients in nursing homes and outpatient clinics and then specialized in orthopedic manual PT. After further intense study/practice I became a board-certified specialist in Orthopedic PT in 1998.

Services I Provide

  1. Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy
  2. Comprehensive Physical Exam/Evaluation
  3. Hip/Pelvis/Sacroiliac Care
  4. Shoulder and Upper Extremity Care
  5. Cervical Spine/Neck Care
  6. Foot/Ankle/Knee Care, Custom Orthotics
  7. Thoraco-Lumbar Spine Care/Mid,Lower Back

My Clinical Focus

I am passionate about giving high-quality, patient-centered orthopedic physical therapy. I usually have an intern with me in the clinic as I strongly believe that teaching the next generation of physical therapists to become competent clinicians happens with good clinical instruction and experience. High-level rehabilitation starts when the therapist listens to his patient and gives them a thorough physical exam to determine the cause of the patient's pain or problem. The PT helps patients to prioritize problems, set goals and understand how to help heal themselves.


  1. American Physical Therapy Association

Why Choose Ascension Seton

Ascension Seton offers a different brand of healthcare. We believe in showing everyone dignity and respect while providing the best care possible. Person-centered care is an essential part of our mission to expand access to high-quality, low-cost care and services.

You'll find Ascension Seton doctors, nurses and associates delivering care throughout Central Texas Communities. We operate more than 100 clinical locations, including three teaching hospitals and another opening in 2017 that will be the training site for Dell Medical School at The University of Texas.

When you choose care from us, you are choosing care that is at the forefront of medical innovation. Ascension Seton conducts research and provides advanced treatments for conditions including stroke, traumatic injury, epilepsy, cardiovascular disease and many of today's most difficult illnesses to treat.

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