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Maryetta "Etta" Dietz, MS, RN, ANP

Adult Nurse Practitioner, Neurology

Maryetta "Etta" Dietz, MS, RN, ANP Now Accepting New Patients
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Maryetta "Etta" Dietz, MS, RN, ANP

Adult Nurse Practitioner, Neurology

Etta lives in South Austin with her husband, Joe, and a dog named Beaver (don't ask). She loves the great outdoors and is an avid gardener. She has been a member of the neurology team at Seton Brain & Spine Institute since 2009, and enjoys the blend of hospital- and office-based practice.

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  • Neurology

Provides Care Through

  • Seton Brain & Spine Institute Neurology

Additional Language Spoken

  • Spanish

My Passion for Healthcare

When I was 18 years old, I had this conversation with my mother as we walked down a hall of the local hospital, passing a patient's room: Her: "How'd you like to take care of THAT guy?" Me: "How'd you like to BE that guy?" Which convinced her that my choice of a nursing career was going to be a good fit for me. The transition from nurse to nurse practitioner was a natural progression, as was the narrowing of focus from general adult care to neurology, a fascinatingand ever-changing field to me. Even so, I'm always asking myself the same old question, "What's it like to be this guy?"

Services I Provide

  1. Migraine/Headache Treatment
  2. Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders
  4. Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment
  5. Dementia Care
  6. Syncope/Vertigo Treatment
  7. Post-Stroke Care

My Clinical Focus

I like the variety of a general neurology practice, and I think I am helping to fulfill a need. I get to work with physicians who specialize in stroke, epilepsy, dementia, neuromuscular diseases, neuro-oncology and so on. I see patients in the hospital, and then again after discharge, to foster continuity of care. The sub-specialists I collaborate with are the best!


  1. American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
  2. American Nurses Association, Texas Nurses Association
  3. Texas Neurological Association
  4. Texas Nurses Association

Why Choose Neurology Care with Seton

The brain and spine are the most complex systems in the entire body. At Seton, we pride ourselves on using cutting-edge research and treatments to redefine what's possible in treating brain and spine conditions for the people we serve.

Our multidisciplinary neurology team includes world-class physicians and health providers who represent the full spectrum of neurological care. By working together, we offer the largest, most comprehensive neuroscience program in Central Texas.

From stroke treatment and recovery to managing Alzheimer's, dementia and epilepsy symptoms, or even addressing spinal cord injuries, we focus on finding treatment options that improve a patient's condition and his or her quality of life. We also address back and neck pain concerns, including scoliosis treatment and minimally invasive spinal surgery.

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