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Laura Winslett, RN, MSN, ACNS-BC, CNRN, CNOR

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Laura Winslett, RN, MSN, ACNS-BC, CNRN, CNOR

Laura is the supervisor for the Neurosurgery Advanced Practice Providers. She is president of the Central Texas Chapter of Neuroscience Nurses and is on the board for the Austin APN Association. She can be found at the drag boat races where she is a crew member on her children's race boat teams.

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  • Seton Brain & Spine Institute Neurosurgery

My Passion for Healthcare

When I was young my father had open heart surgery by Dr. Cooley and I recall being able to visit him briefly at the hospital a week postop. This experience furthered my desire to be a nurse and later a Clinical Nurse Specialist. After graduating high school I began working as a unit secretary then a nursing assistant while in nursing school. In nursing school I discovered my love of the ICU. As a new RN I started my career in a trauma ICU and have cared for neurological patients in one form or fashion since. I am fascinated with how the body works and is able to adapt to injuries.

Services I Provide

  1. Obtain medical history
  2. Conduct physical exams
  3. Diagnose and treat illnesses
  4. Order and interpret tests
  5. Develop treatment plans
  6. Counsel on preventive care
  7. Write prescriptions

My Clinical Focus

I enjoy teaching co-workers and nurses to assist them in being better caregivers. I also enjoy educating patients & families and helping make them understand their diagnosis, plan of care, & implications of their disease process. I have worked at Seton Brain & Spine Institute since 2002 and enjoy continuing to learn as neuroscience continues to grow and develop.


  1. American Association of Neuroscience Nurses
  2. Austin Advanced Practice Nurses Association
  3. National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialist

Why Choose Neurosurgery with Ascension Seton

We have the largest, most comprehensive neuroscience program in all of Central Texas. People travel to our team of doctors from across the country for advanced surgical treatments based on the latest research in the field.

Surgery of the brain or spine requires a unique combination of surgical finesse and technical skill. At Seton, we've gathered a team of world-class surgeons who collaborate to establish a multidisciplinary treatment plan that works best for each person.

From pioneering new minimally invasive surgery techniques to developing surgical alternatives to traditional treatments for better management of chronic conditions like epilepsy, Seton's neurosurgeons strive to provide the best care possible.

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