Seton Spine & Scoliosis Center in Austin, Texas acts as a regional referral center for the treatment of back and neck pain and scoliosis (curvature of the spine).


The multidisciplinary spine team combines the expertise of a physical medicine MD who specializes in non-surgical treatment options and two fellowship-trained spine surgeons.


These physicians, Matthew J. Geck, MD, John K. Stokes, MD, and Lee E. Moroz, MD have advanced training in the treatment of back and neck pain and are successful in helping people return to activity without surgery.


We provide all the necessary diagnostic testing and treatment in one place, eliminating the need for multiple referrals, delayed care and overall confusion.


Seton Spine & Scoliosis Center takes a multidisciplinary, team approach to spine care, involving both surgical and nonsurgical spine physicians. This team of professionals pools together its expertise to develop the best treatment for each patient.


Unlike many other spine care providers, the spine patients who undergo minimally invasive surgery at Seton Spine & Scoliosis Center can often have their surgery on an outpatient basis and be home later the same day.


The spine surgeons at Seton Spine & Scoliosis Center, located in Austin, partner with Ascension Seton Hospitals to perform minimally invasive spine surgery, enabling many patients located in the greater Austin area to go home the same day. Recovery in one’s own home can be more comfortable than staying in a hospital bed.


Our team strongly believes in educating patients to make informed decisions about their medical care. As a free community service, Ascension Seton Spine & Scoliosis Center has a full-time RN who provides medical advice and general information on back and neck pain. We also send out our home remedy book for free.


Seton Spine & Scoliosis Center also uses written clinical protocols to improve care and reduce treatment variation – the essence of true quality management. This enables us to make sure the right thing is done at the right time, every time. This also makes sure that every nonsurgical option has been explored – such as therapy and injections – before spine surgery is considered.


While others talk about quality, we measure outcomes with patient severity data at intake and functional status post treatment. Lastly, we audit patient satisfaction so we can continually improve, because that’s what quality is all about.


Seton Spine & Scoliosis Center features all the necessary treatments and diagnostic technology all under one roof so a back pain sufferer is not required to travel around for various services. For an appointment or referral, please call 512-324-3580.