Epilepsy Treatment

Our team of specialists at the Ascension Seton in Austin provide comprehensive epilepsy treatments. This includes epilepsy medication, epilepsy surgery, mental health services and dietary solutions.

Treatment Options


Epilepsy medications must be carefully selected to address a person’s specific type of epilepsy.
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Epilepsy Surgery

Ascension Seton offers people living with epilepsy the chance to live free from seizures through surgery.
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Dietary Approaches

Specific diets for epilepsy often can improve the outcomes of other epilepsy treatments.
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Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services play an important role in the total care of people with seizure disorders.
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Since some forms of epilepsy are dramatically different than others, treatment is individualized. The doctor looks at a person’s diagnosis to decide which epilepsy treatment is most likely to help. Working carefully and closely with each individual provides the most effective solution. Different treatment options may be used separately or in combination. The goal for each person is to provide a holistic, multifaceted treatment for the best epilepsy treatment success.