Conditions Treated


Neurology is the field of medicine that deals with brain health. There are several conditions that can affect your brain.
About Neurology

Back & Neck Pain

Adults may experience back and neck pain as a result of lifestyle, posture, injury and other medical conditions.
About Back & Neck Pain


Spinal Deformity

The Seton Healthcare Family offers spine care for adults and children with scoliosis or kyphosis.
About Spinal Deformity


The Seton Stroke Institute is designed to deliver the fastest treatment possible for stroke intervention and also meet the highest standards for stroke care.
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Epilepsy is defined as unprovoked recurrent seizures that are caused by abnormal brain electrical activity.
About Epilepsy

Brain & Spine Tumors

Tumors on the brain or spine may develop on their own, or could spread as the result of cancer elsewhere in the body.
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Spinal Cord Injury

Every person with a spinal cord injury (SCI) can benefit from a comprehensive program of rehabilitation and recovery.
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Orthopedic Therapies

Orthopedic therapies include chiropractic care and physical therapy.
Orthopedic Therapies