Dr. Ziu Gets a Marathon Runner Back on Her Feet

Sara Ferniza running marathonSara Ferniza was a passionate marathon runner for 20 years. But after she fell during one race, doctors found Sara had meningioma, a tumor growing on the tissue covering her brain and spinal cord. Because her tumor could result in paralysis if left untreated, Sara made the brave decision to move forward with surgery.

Racing Ahead to Recovery

Ascension Seton neurosurgeon Dr. Mateo Ziu told Sara that while the brain tumor removal surgery itself should only take a few hours, her recovery would likely take several months. Sara’s primary concern was how long she’d have to wait before she could get back to running marathons.

“[Dr. Ziu] was like, ‘Sara most of my patients just want to walk!’” she said.

However, once Sara had made her mind up that nothing short of returning to her former activity level would satisfy her, her recovery exceeded all expectations. She was jogging again just 6 weeks later, and ran her first post-surgery marathon 7 months after her brain tumor surgery with Dr. Ziu.

Since her surgery, Sara says she only feels motivated to work harder, and has started running ultramarathons.


You can read Sara’s full story here.