Ascension Seton has the only neuroscience program in Central Texas offering CyberKnife. CyberKnife is an innovative technology for radiation treatment of certain types of brain tumors. This unique tool uses an image-guidance system to locate a tumor, similar to those used in high-tech missiles. The CyberKnife system can treat tumors that other devices cannot. This is due to its increased flexibility and the ability to deliver multiple high-dose radiation treatments only to the tumor area, sparing the surrounding normal tissue.

CyberKnife allows for both patient and tumor movement during treatment and adjusts images constantly throughout the procedure. Once the tumor location has been precisely mapped, multiple beams deliver radiation from the device. Because it’s attached to a multi-jointed robotic arm, radiation can be directed from many positions and angles. These beams all intersect right at the tumor, delivering a high dose of radiation with great accuracy. At the same time, normal tissue is spared.

Benefits of CyberKnife

CyberKnife is one of the tools that enable Seton Brain & Spine Institute physicians to deliver the highest quality care. This advanced technology also allows for a more conservative approach. Unlike open surgery, the CyberKnife is primarily an outpatient procedure. Each treatment takes about one to three hours, and most people receive a total of one to three treatments.

CyberKnife radiation therapy is used by the team of our physicians specialized in treatment of tumors and as an additional therapy after surgical removal of a tumor. In some cases, CyberKnife radiation can be used instead of the surgical intervention.

Other benefits include:

  • CyberKnife is painless
  • There is no sedation during treatment
  • There are no incisions
  • No blood loss
  • No recovery time – the person can go home the same day
  • Lower risk and fewer complications than open surgery

Dosage levels are adjusted to minimize radiation, sparing normal tissue.