5 Safe-for-Work Ways to Ease Neck & Back Pain


Business woman smilingWhether you’re a workaholic or not, it’s easy cause the strains and pains in your back that come from sitting for prolonged periods of time. Back pain relief doesn’t need to come in the form of a pill, however.

The posture and our body’s position when working plays a large role in back pain. By improving your habits and posture, you can find back pain relief without the need for medication. Here are five ways you can ease the neck and back aches that come from work.

1. Walk Around

Sitting for prolonged periods of time isn’t healthy and puts a strain on your back. Make sure to get up and move your body for a few minutes at least every hour. Make a quick trip to the water cooler or take a quick lap around the office.

2. Look Straight at Your Monitor

Looking up or down for long periods of time can strain the muscles in your neck, leading to neck and back pain.

Sitting with good posture and frequently getting up to move around are important to maintaining back pain relief when you work in an office.

3. Adjust Your Keyboard Height

Typing is as ubiquitous as breathing when you work in an office, but if your keyboard is set too low it can cause you to slouch or hunch over when working.

4. Sit Up Straight

Posture is the most important part of maintaining good back and neck health. Especially when sitting, ensure you look straight ahead with your chin level. Sit so that your back is straight and your chest is thrust slightly outward.

5. Consider a Standing Desk

Although they can take some getting used to, standing desks are great way to encourage good posture and keep your back muscles in shape.