Why Yoga & Massage Are Better for Back Pain Treatment


Woman Doing YogaIt’s a simple fact that virtually all of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. When you want to get relief from back pain, it makes sense to reach for pain pills. But that may not be the best strategy for treating your pain.

Back pain can happen for a number of reasons. Injury can cause debilitating back pain that reaches down into the legs, and this type of pain requires more serious treatment. Fortunately, debilitating back pain is not too common. Most back pain will eventually subside, so pain management and physical therapy is enough to treat it.

For long-term treatment of your back pain, staying active is a far better prescription than simply relying on pain medication. Both yoga and massage can offer you long-term back pain relief by strengthening and relieving tension in your back muscles.


Not all types of yoga are appropriate for people seeking back pain relief. However, yoga poses that have been designed or approved by physical therapists to help treat back pain will help to stretch and strengthen the muscles in your back and your core.

Your core muscles are the complex system of muscles in your torso that work with your back muscles to provide stability and coordination. Yoga poses and exercises that strengthen your core muscles will help take pressure off your back.

Yoga is a healthy and simple way to strengthen your back and core muscle groups so that you experience back pain less often.


Straining a muscle in your back can lead to severe pain, even if the damage to the muscle itself isn’t serious. Massage can be used to loosen and rejuvenate the muscles in your back, bringing back pain relief and helping in the healing process.