Can Back Surgery Improve Your Sex Life?


Chronic back pain affects many men and women worldwide and can severely interfere with everyday activities, work, hobbies and even sex. In fact, a healthy sex life is a large contributor to high quality of life for most adults. If back pain is getting in the way of enjoying sex, it stands to reason that back pain relief from surgery won’t only improve your sex life, it can also benefit your overall happiness and satisfaction.

Back Surgery and Sex Life

A study published in Spine examined men and women with two specific types of back problems: spinal stenosis and degenerative spondylolisthesis. For the majority of participants, sexual function was a significant concern.

Following back surgery to relieve the back pain associated with these conditions, less than 20 percent of participants suffered from sex-related back pain, even as much as four years after surgery. While continued research is needed to further understand the impact of back surgery on sex life, preliminary results certainly show promising evidence that surgery could provide relief from back and sex-related pain.

If you’re considering either surgical or nonsurgical options for back pain, be sure to talk with your doctor about the most appropriate solution for your unique circumstances.

Nonsurgical Options for Back Pain Relief

While nonsurgical options like physical therapy and making lifestyle changes can provide back pain relief, studies indicate that these treatments may not have as great of an impact on sex-related back pain as a surgical procedure.

When pain begins to interfere with your daily life and relationships, it may be time to consider your various options for an improved quality, including a better sex life.