3 Quick Fixes for Upper & Lower Back Pain


Doctor Examines Girl, Neck PainUpper and lower back pain remain among the most common reasons that people flock to their doctors in search of a fix.

Just like any part of the body, your back can benefit from proactive maintenance.

Although healing chronic back issues can take time, there are a few quick fixes that could help you find back pain relief sooner rather than later.

1. Try Standing for a Change

Sitting down may feel relaxing in the moment, but standing up more often could relieve your back pain symptoms. One of the most frequent causes for lower back pain, sitting for long periods puts pressure on the bottom portion of your spine. Over time, gradual wear and tear can mean recurrent low back pain issues.

Your quick fix: Stand and stretch at least once every hour or so. And for a longer fix? Think about investing in a standing desk.

2. Grab an Extra Pillow

The way we sleep is another contributor to upper and lower back pain.
Adjusting your usual sleeping position and habits can help relieve spinal pressure.

  • For back sleepers, a pillow placed under the knees can help your spine relax.
  • For side sleepers, placing a pillow between your knees can keep your back straight and prevent spinal misalignment.
  • For stomach sleepers, tilting your pelvis upward slightly with the help of a pillow can level out your spine.

3. Stay Active in the Right Ways

Since living a sedentary lifestyle contributes to back pain, be sure to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Although you should always consult your back doctor before beginning any new exercise program, many people find yoga and Pilates particularly helpful when it comes to finding back pain relief.