Ascension Seton Offers Blood Pressure Program in Austin


Ascension Seton Brain and Spine is collaborating with American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Stroke Association (ASA) to address the high blood pressure epidemic in Austin and surrounding counties. “Check. Change. Control.” is a program from the AHA and ASA that empowers people to learn about the need to monitor and manage their blood pressures through a combination of resources.

Hypertension risk factors are well known but few people realize they fall into the high risk category, are aware of their risk factors, or if diagnosed with high blood pressure do not have it under control. Despite how widespread it is and how damaging it can be, high blood pressure is still unknown, misunderstood or ignored by many people.

There are approximately 78 million people in the United States who have high blood pressure, also known as the silent killer. Hypertension typically has no symptoms but can lead to deadly health consequences such as heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.