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Psychiatric services are provided by the Seton Mind Institute. Seton Mind Institute delivers advanced medical treatments across a full range of leading-edge psychiatric and psychological services to patients throughout the Central Texas region. Our practitioners and medical staff combine world-class medicine, clinical expertise, and bio and neurosciences with the most current tools and research to evaluate and treat a broad spectrum of mental and behavioral ailments.

As Central Texas’s largest behavioral sciences program, and one of the largest in the state providing both outpatient and inpatient care, Seton Mind Institute offers children, adolescents, adults, veterans, and senior adults exemplary care and treatment to restore hope and healing, and help them live healthier, fuller lives.

If you are experiencing a psychiatric emergency and you are in the Austin area, please go to the Ascension Seton Psychiatric Emergency Department, a department of Dell Seton Medical Center. Otherwise, please go to your nearest hospital emergency room. More about psychiatric emergency treatment.

For more information on non-emergency psychiatric care, contact Seton Mind Institute at 512-324-3380 to make an appointment.

Patient Resources

What Is a Psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in mental health and emotional issues. Psychiatrists are licensed by individual states as physicians to practice medicine. “Board Certified” psychiatrists have passed the national exam given by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Psychiatrists may specialize in different issues or different age groups, such as children and adolescents, and provide evaluations and treatment that may include therapy and medications.

What Can a Psychiatrist Help With?

Some services provided by our psychiatrists include medication management and treatment to improve the ability to problem-solve and cope with emotional crises, improve communication skills, set goals and recognize personal strengths and address problem areas.

How Soon Can I Get an Appointment?

It can take anywhere from one week to three or four months to get an appointment with a psychiatrist as a new patient. If the psychiatrists you have called have waiting lists, ask to be put on the list to be called if an appointment becomes available. Put your name on several waiting lists and call regularly to find out if there have been any cancellations. Ask your primary care physician about prescribing you medication while you are waiting for an appointment with a psychiatrist.

What Will My Appointments Be Like?

The first appointment with a psychiatrist is an initial assessment and usually lasts about an hour. After this appointment you will have follow-up appointments on a regular basis as determined by your psychiatrist.

How Long Will I Need to See a Psychiatrist?

You will likely need to see a psychiatrist for as long as you are being prescribed psychiatric medications. Some primary care doctors will prescribe some psychiatric medications, which may allow you to stop seeing a psychiatrist.