What Is a Residential Treatment Center?

There are times when individuals have been to an acute psychiatric hospital and need more long-term care before starting outpatient treatment. Most often, residential treatment is for people with an addiction who need inpatient structure and support to stay sober after detox.

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Things you may be wondering about residential treatment

How will I get there?

  • You may go straight to a residential treatment center from a psychiatric hospital or detox facility, or you might be admitted directly to residential treatment
  • You may be brought to a residential treatment center by a friend or family member, or you may be able to drive yourself
  • If you are going to a residential treatment center from the hospital, the hospital may arrange for transportation for you
  • Just like an acute psychiatric hospital, you will be asked to place your belongings in a secure place for safety reasons so you should write down important phone numbers and addresses and keep your driver’s license or ID card and insurance cards with you

How do I prepare for residential treatment?

  • You will need to plan to stay for anywhere from 14 to 90 days or more
  • Contact the facility to ask for a list of items you can and cannot bring or look on the facility’s website for this information
  • If you are employed, you should either apply for FMLA or file for short-term disability with your employer before you go

What can I expect?

  • Residential treatment provides clinical support and education about addiction and behavioral health
  • You will have opportunities to practice new skills in a supportive environment to manage potential triggers for relapse and symptoms of behavioral health issues