There are many common mental health conditions that can be difficult to work through on your own. At Ascension Seton Behavioral Health Care, we are staffed to properly guide and treat adults to restore hope and health. Read more about common mental health conditions below and call us at 512-324-2039 or contact us online for more information.

Addiction/Chemical Dependency

chemical-dependency-iconRecovery from addition is a constantly evolving process and is never finished. Modern treatment approaches available through Ascension Seton Behavioral Health have greatly improved both the experience of those in recovery and long-term success rates.

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Anxiety Disorders

anxiety-iconAnxiety disorders have only recently been recognized as potentially disabling. Anxiety does more than just affect the diagnosed individual. These disorders can also greatly impact personal and professional relationships. With the right approach toward anxiety treatment, living a full and unlimited life becomes possible once again.

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Bipolar Disorder

bipolar-iconWhile everyone goes through normal ups and downs, those with bipolar disorder have extreme swings between depression and mania. Bipolar disorder symptoms can be effectively controlled with a combination of medication, counseling, and consistency. However the nature of bipolar disorder can make this harder over the long haul.

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depression-iconIt’s normal to feel a little low or sad once in a while. However, clinical depression is much more than just feeling down. Depression is common and quite serious. Depressed men and women experience feelings of overwhelming sadness that interfere with daily life. Often, depression symptoms may not be noticed by friends, family, or even the patients themselves.

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