4 Reasons Why Meeting Other Moms Can Improve Your Mental Health


mom and daughter huggingIf it feels like you’re constantly running around trying to meet everyone’s needs but your own, even if that means sacrificing your own personal hygiene, you’re probably a mom. Whether you’re busy driving to and from soccer practice, helping with homework or grocery shopping and meal prepping, there’s just no time left in the day for yourself.

Unfortunately, forgetting about your own needs can be detrimental to your physical and mental health. If you’ve been putting your wants and needs on hold, you could benefit from joining a support group for moms just like you. Here’s why.

1. Gain Support

Everyone can benefit from feeling like they have someone standing in their corner, cheering them on. Meeting other moms who can relate to how busy, stressed out and run-down you might be feeling can help you achieve just that.

2. Form New Friendships

Studies have shown that friendship plays an important role in women’s abilities to cope with stressful situations, which can have a huge impact on your overall mental health.

3. Make Time for Yourself

Meeting and spending time with other moms helps you to remember that although taking care of your family is important, your happiness and quality of life also deserve your attention.

In order to take care of everyone else, you need to take steps to foster your own happiness and good health first.

4. Be Accountable

Being a part of a group of other moms not only gives you the support and friendships you need to help you navigate life’s everyday challenges, but it also provides a sense of accountability. Having other moms with whom you can share your goals, successes and bumps along the way can help you to stay on track and remember to make yourself a priority.