4 Ways to Support a Loved One’s Recovery


young coupleIf you have a loved one who is at the beginning of their journey to health and sobriety, there are many ways you can support them. The most important thing you can offer, however, is your love and encouragement. Your support helps the process of recovery that happens after they choose to stop drinking or abusing drugs. Here are four specific places your help can make a difference.

1. Learn About Addiction and Recovery

People become addicted for a wide variety of reasons. Some become addicted to alcohol or drugs through self-medication, while others may have a genetic predisposition. When you educate yourself about the nature of your loved one’s addiction and the underlying reasons for their abuse, you’re able to offer more meaningful emotional support.

2. Reduce Environmental Friction

A calm, relaxing environment can help your loved one’s recovery. Stress is often a trigger for abuse, so helping to create a serene and supportive environment is an important part of recovery.

When your loved one chooses to stop drinking or abusing drugs, help your family understand that forgiveness is an important part of recovery for everyone involved.

3. Live With a Sober Mindset

Recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol may be impossible if these substances remain present in your loved one’s life. Make sure your home is free from the substances that could cause them to relapse. Support them in breaking ties with the people or places that enabled their problem.

4. Help Build Coping Skills

Remaining sober is a lifelong process, which can frequently be challenging. You can help your loved one build the coping skills they need by remaining open, honest and loving in your support.