Be Kind to Yourself: Make a Mental Health Resolution


New Year’s resolutions are a time-honored tradition, when we vow to get in better shape or improve our lot in life in some meaningful way.

But have you ever taken your mental health into consideration when planning for the future? As we approach the new year, it’s time to make a mental health resolution. Read on for suggestions on making your emotional wellbeing a focus in 2017.

More Happy Moments

Life is full of obligations and responsibilities, but it’s important to carve out time to do things that bring you pleasure. Think about which activities energize or inspire you, and make room in your schedule for them on a regular basis.

Look Out for Loneliness

It’s within our nature to be social. Unfortunately, our modern world has made it easy to become isolated, and loneliness can take a toll on mental health. If you notice yourself feeling lonely, reach out. Making a coffee date with a friend, joining a club or volunteering in your community are all ways to boost your mental health.

As far back as we can trace human history, we have relied upon one another for our very survival.

Nix the Negative Thoughts

No one is immune from the occasional negative thought or negative “self-talk.” But when you ruminate on something that makes you feel bad, or you continue to tell yourself things that diminish your self-worth or cause anxiety, it’s time to stop the cycle. One of the best ways to get out of your head is to distract yourself. Exercise, socializing or a good movie can help change the broken record of negativity.

A behavioral health specialist can offer support to people struggling with negative thoughts. Our Behavioral Health Access Guide has information on how to find the right provider for you.