5 Common Causes of Anxiety


African American AthleteWe all want to lighten our load and alleviate stress, but it’s important to understand that anxiety isn’t caused by one specific thing.

What causes anxiety is often a mix of genetics, adverse life experiences and environmental factors. Let’s take a look at five common triggers that can lead to anxiety.


1. Too Much Caffeine

Each day, millions of Americans count on a morning cup of joe to get them going. Caffeine is also a key ingredient in many favorite soft drinks. It’s logical that we’re drawn to caffeine to give us the boost we need to get through the day, but too much caffeine can manifest in a variety of physical symptoms like a racing heart or sweaty palms. Being over-caffeinated can exacerbate nerves or trigger a panic attack.

2. Substance Use

Many people use tobacco or alcohol to self-medicate and relax, but that can backfire. Nicotine elevates blood pressure and heart rate, which can contribute to anxiety; alcohol impacts brain chemicals and can actually make you feel more anxious.

3. Vitamin Deficiencies

Vitamins play an important role in mood.
People who aren’t getting enough B vitamins may be more vulnerable to anxiety. Omega 3 fatty acids are also vital to managing mood and those with low Omega 3 levels are more likely to develop anxiety.

4. Skipping Meals

When the body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs from regular meals, blood sugar levels can take a serious dive. Low blood sugar can lead to irritability and anxiety.

5. Ongoing Stress

Sometimes, what causes anxiety is continuous exposure to stress. Job stress, family or relationship problems can be challenging to navigate and are often unavoidable, and this ongoing stress can result in anxiety. Taking a few minutes to destress can make a big difference in your anxiety levels.