4 Tips for Navigating Holiday Anxiety & Depression


Woman Looking Out WindowThe holidays come around with clockwork regularity each year, reminding us it’s time to gather with loved ones in celebration. Yet despite the insistence on holiday cheer, many people find themselves battling the blues during these festive occasions.

It’s common to feel stressed as a result of holiday-related activities, so we’ve compiled four tips to help you avoid at least some of the causes for anxiety and depression during this hectic time of year.

1. Say No

It’s easy to overextend ourselves during the holidays. Whether attending parties or hosting guests, you may find that all of the socializing leaves you with little to no time to catch your breath. All of these events may present a drain on finances, which can also cause anxiety. Honor your budget and your well-being and give yourself permission to decline invitations or take a break from hosting.

2. Stay Healthy

The holidays are synonymous with overindulgence.
Many of us eat our weight in cookies or toss back one too many cups of cheer during winter festivities. But excessive sugar and alcohol consumption can wreak havoc on our moods, worsening symptoms of anxiety or depression. To keep spirits up, make moderation your mantra.

3. Take Time for Yourself

During the holidays, many people feel they’re constantly in ‘go’ mode. Travel combined with continuous activity at your destination can leave you depleted, feeling anxious or depressed. Giving yourself at least 15 minutes each day to relax can help you recharge your energy. Reading a book, taking a bath, going for a walk or listening to soothing music can all boost your mood and calm your nerves.

4. Avoid Isolation

Not everyone is surrounded by a large, loving family during the holidays. You can combat loneliness by volunteering to help others, or joining in community or religious events. Social isolation can breed depression, but being with others can be a balm for the soul.