5 Little Known Facts About Anxiety Disorders


Many people are often familiar with the characteristic symptoms of anxiety like excessive fear, worry or an abnormal heartbeat but are unfamiliar with some of its root causes and the best ways to deal with it. Here are some of the lesser-known facts about anxiety disorders that could help you to better treat your symptoms.

1. Exercise Reduces Anxiety

Getting 20 minutes of exercise can not only relieve your current symptoms, but it may also have a lasting effect. One study has shown that it may help you to deal with and manage stressful events more effectively in the future.

2. Nature vs. Nurture Plays a Role

A tendency towards high anxiety can be due, in part, to genetics, but external factors like your parents’ behaviors can also contribute to anxiety disorders later in life. Parents who overly criticize or doubt their children could be putting them at risk for developing anxiety in the future.

3. Changing Your Way of Thinking Can Help

Changing the way you approach an anxious situation could help to reduce its effect. Rather than thinking of a big exam, for example, try calling it a little quiz. Likewise, a scary interview could be reframed as a fun chat with new people.

4. Anxiety Can Affect Your Balance

Feeling dizzy for seemingly no reason or suddenly losing your balance can be symptoms of anxiety disorders. Interestingly, treating these balance issues may also help to make you feel less anxious.

5. Meditation Can Lower Anxiety

Meditation and breathing exercises have been shown to have a calming, relaxing effect on the mind and body. A few minutes of regular meditation each day can have a profound effect on your mental health and reduce your level of anxiety.