3 Daily Practices That Can Help Reduce Anxiety


104237229If left untreated, anxiety can have long-lasting negative effects on your day-to-day life. By switching up your daily routine to incorporate these three healthy practices, you can be more in control of your anxiety and significantly reduce its effects.

1. Adopt and Maintain Healthy Habits

Setting up a healthy routine for yourself can have a huge impact on your mood. It’s important to keep an eye on your eating and sleeping habits to make sure these aren’t contributing to your anxiety. Develop a nighttime routine that will help you unwind before bed each night, and try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as stay hydrated throughout the day. You should also avoid excessive alcohol, caffeine and dairy consumption.

2. Establish an Exercise Routine

Not only is establishing a healthy exercise routine great for your body, but it can be so beneficial to your mind as well. Exercise offers a whole host of positive benefits, including the release of mood-boosting hormones, easing aches and pains and helping you get a good night’s sleep.

3. Take a Moment to Breathe

As with exercise and healthy eating, the benefits of meditation are far-reaching. For anxiety, meditation can offer a way to escape your worries about the past and future and instead shift your focus to the present moment. If you routinely practice meditation, even if for only 5 to 10 minutes a day, you can begin to see the world in a calmer, more rational light.

Adding these practices to your daily life can offer an alternative solution to traditional medication to reduce anxiety. If you are struggling with any type of anxiety disorder, these healthy habits can have lasting effects on your quality of life.