Behavioral Health Assessment & Resource Navigation

The Behavioral Health Assessment & Resource Navigation program is a Ascension Seton DSRIP initiative. With a focus on early intervention, prevention and education, the program seeks to help people with Substance Use Disorders (SUD).

The Behavioral Health Assessment & Resource Navigation program is one of Seton’s DSRIP case studies.

A Personal View

Geoffrey had known that he had a problem with drinking for years. He would sometimes quit drinking for a week at a time, but he’d always start up again. One day, he collapsed while he was at work and hit his head on a hard tile floor.

Geoffrey was rushed to the emergency department at University Medical Center Brackenridge where he was diagnosed with acute alcoholic hepatitis. A medical team, including attending physician R. Gordon Huth, M.D., treated him for the condition.

Because Geoffrey’s years of alcohol abuse had wreaked havoc on his liver and kidneys, his blood ammonia levels were near fatal.

“I don’t remember the first few days in the hospital,” Geoffrey said. “But I do know that the care I received at Ascension Seton was life-changing.”

A social worker from the Behavioral Health Assessment & Resource Navigation DSRIP team, Ann Orozco, LCSW, assessed Geoffrey while he was hospitalized and visited him three or four additional times. Her goal was both to assess Geoffrey’s motivation level for inpatient rehabilitation and to establish a relationship with him so that she could offer follow-up support.

When it was time for Geoffrey to start working on his discharge and long-term relapse prevention plan, he began researching different outpatient programs. One of those programs was the Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Ascension Seton Mind Institute Behavioral Health Services.

Geoffrey said of his overall experience with Ascension Seton, “The people at Ascension Seton are dealing with you on a human level. That’s been absent in health care for a long time. It was really refreshing.”

How the Behavioral Health Assessment & Resource Navigation Program Helps

Ascension Seton DSRIP program on substance use seeks to engage people early on in their road to addiction and substance abuse, providing early intervention that may prevent future health crises.

Our team of experts on Substance Use Disorders can assess people who may have a substance use problem, coordinate the most appropriate form of care for them and help them navigate services and resources available to them.

Additional services include:

  • Phone follow-up post-discharge to reinforce discharge plans as well as monitor patient’s transition out of hospital.
  • Assistance in resolving barriers that stand in the way of the right services.
  • Ongoing phone follow-up to monitor treatment readiness and provide referrals and support as appropriate.