Diversity & Inclusion

MLK Youth Achievement Awards

Seton Healthcare Family Sponsors MLK Youth Achievement Awards

The Seton Healthcare Family Office of Diversity sponsors the Martin Luther King Youth Legacy Awards. Seton has partnered with the Austin Area Heritage Council and other community partners and collects award nominations. The five Seton Healthcare Family Youth Legacy Awards are part of Austin’s annual MLK Day community celebration.

Each of the five category winners receive a $1,000 scholarship, courtesy of Seton.

The Seton Healthcare Family Youth Legacy Awards were created to recognize youth in the community for their outstanding commitment and achievement as well as to inspire the next generation of healthcare workers.

These awards are open to all students regardless of race or ethnicity. Nominees from all backgrounds are welcomed and strongly encouraged. Seton associates who have children or know students who qualify are encouraged to submit an application for those who meet the qualifications for nomination.

This award is designed to recognize youth “not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Nomination Guidelines

  • Nominees for the Seton Healthcare Family’s MLK Youth Legacy Award must be a junior or senior in high school and no older than 19 on January 1, 2014
  • Students may be nominated in only one category.
  • Nominees must be from the Greater Austin area including the Seton Healthcare Family surrounding counties.
  • Nominations must be postmarked no later than Monday, December 2, 2013
  • Winners will be recognized during the MLK Youth Legacy Awards event on Saturday, January 18, 2014.
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • Judges will make decisions based on the information on the application. Decisions are final.
  • Only one person will be selected as winner in each category.

All of the information submitted on the application can be shared publicly during the awards presentation. Confidential information should not be included.

Award Categories

YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD — The student should have:

  1. Initiated an activity either to meet a need or provide a service of immediate value to other students in his/her program or to the school; or
  2. Accepted leadership responsibility in the execution of a position or task that was of value to other students, to his/her program or to the school. Leadership can also be demonstrated by active participation in a sponsored organization in the student’s area of study.

SPIRIT AWARD — The student should have volunteer/leadership experience in a faith-based community or school organization, demonstrating great commitment to the community.

COMMUNITY SERVICE —The student should have volunteered his/her time for one or more activities that were to the immediate benefit of others in the community. This student has made a positive impact on their community through volunteerism. Please document the occasion(s), the participants and the value of the service in which the student was engaged. Volunteer service should not include paid assignments. Volunteerism in health-related activities is preferred but not required.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD — The student should have consistently demonstrated high academic achievement including grades, creativity, critical thinking, classroom participation and other behaviors that contribute to excellence in scholarship.

YOUTH HUMANITARIAN AWARD — this award embodies the spirit, values and philosophy of Dr. King.

  1. The student has been involved in activities or other organized efforts in their school or community that have facilitated inclusion and understanding among people of different religious faiths, ethnic backgrounds and racial groups. The student also demonstrated a passion for fairness and justice and compassion for others in need, or
  2. The student was involved with efforts that contributed to the improvement of the quality of life for individuals who have been displaced in our communities. For example, provided support and services to individuals displaced by hurricanes or other disasters/events.

The application is located on the Austin Area Heritage Council’s Web site at www.mlkcelebration.com. Applications can be submitted online or mailed to:

Mailing Address:
Brenda Burt
Austin Area Heritage Council
P.O. Box 81807, Austin, TX 78708

FAXING OF APPLICATIONS IS NOT ALLOWED. Please do not submit to Seton.

Nominee transcript/report card should be submitted by the application deadline. Please email any questions or concerns to this email.