Relationship-Based Care

In 2011, the Seton Healthcare Family adopted Relationship-Based Care (RBC) as its professional practice model. This model guides us in caring for ourselves, our co-workers and, most important, patients and families throughout the continuum of care.

Relationship-Based Care is built on these assumptions:

  • The essence of caring is in human connections.
  • Everyone has a valuable contribution to make.
  • Relationships between patients, families and caregivers are at the heart of care delivery.
  • Knowledge of self and self-care is vital to caring for others.
  • Empowerment and ownership of work is foundational.
  • People will change when they are inspired through a shared vision, when the infrastructure supports the change and when they see evidence of success.

RBC Schematic model: The Relationship-Based Care schematic model is constructed of connected circles within a circle, with a visual reminder that the patient and family is in the center of our concern. Each of the smaller circles represents one of the components of the professional practice model.