If you're obese and desperately seeking a way to lose weight and get healthy, you are not alone.

During the past two decades, obesity has increased in America by 60%.
-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Today, more than one-third of all Americans are overweight. About 1 in 20 are morbidly obese.*

But the idea that obesity is just a lack of willpower is not only an oversimplification, but also unscientific and wrong. Obesity is a multifaceted disease with many contributing factors, including genetic, environmental, metabolic and eating disorder-related.

Due to its complexity, overcoming obesity can be difficult. According to the National Institutes of Health, most people who lose weight by non-surgical methods regain their weight within five years.

If you're considering a surgical solution to your weight problems, Seton's weight-loss surgery (bariatric) program may be right for you.

Developed under American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) guidelines, our program offers extensive expertise as well as physical, emotional and spiritual support to help each patient achieve his or her individual goals, and live a happier, healthier and, hopefully, longer life. In September 2008, ASMBS designated Seton Medical Center Austin as a Bariatric Center of Excellence. ASMBS examines all aspects of a hospital's surgical processed and awards those programs which demonstrate safety, efficiency and overall positive surgical outcomes.

*National Institutes of Health

image Seton is proud to have four hospitals – the only hospitals in Central Texas - that have earned the Magnet designation, the highest award for nursing excellence given by the American Nurses Association.