Appendix II: Practice Seminar

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Session (1 – ½ hour)              Topic


1                      Admissions Interview: Purpose
2                      Beholding the Applicant
3                      Relational/Cultural Considerations for Admission Process
4                      Role Plays of Admissions Interviews
5                      Writing Admission Interview Reports
6                      Admission Interview Reports: Their Use in Application Processing
7                      Selecting Students for Residency: Views of Two Supervisors
8                      Selecting Students for an Internship: View of Two Supervisors
9                      Selecting Students for an Extended Unit of CPE: Views of Two Supervisors


1                      Application Review: Selecting Students
2                      Selection Criteria: Students
3                      Selection Criteria: Group Membership and Cultural Considerations
4                      Selection Criteria: Final Conclusions
5                      Standards for ACPE Program
6                      Standards for ACPE Program
7                      Standards for ACPE Accreditation
8                      Standards for ACPE Accreditation
9                      Program Goals


1                      Development of Programs
2                      Development of Programs
3                      Cultural Competency and Program Development
4                      Planning Program for Summer Unit
5                      Planning Program for Summer Unit
6                      Student Evaluations: The Student’s
7                      Student Evaluations: The Supervisor’s
8                      Orientation of New Students
9                      Orientation of New Students

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