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Diabetes Basics
You can live well with diabetes. Our diabetes management program will arm you with the tools you need to live healthy, improve your blood sugar, manage your weight, and reduce your risk of complications.  We promote healthy eating and exercise as the cornerstones of healthy living. We teach methods of assessing your diabetes control, so that you can work with your primary care physician to make adjustments in diet, activity plan, and medication that get you to the goals you and your doctor establish. The articles, tools, and guidelines below will put help you control your diabetes, instead of diabetes controlling you.

Seton Diabetes Education Program is committed to lifelong support of healthy living with diabetes. If you are newly diagnosed or recognizing diabetes-related changes require you to reassess your manageement plan …. let us help. Call us at 324-1891.

Why Can't I Lose Weight

Nutrition Tips

Diabetes: Good Nutrition Most Important Treatment

Prevent Complications with Good Diabetes Control

New Medications for Diabetes

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