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Seton Family of Hospitals, in accordance with regulatory requirements, will require CITI Training to all research personnel who are actively involved with the clinical research project within Seton network (principal investigator, co-investigators, offsite collaborators, coordinators, residents, etc.). All study team members listed on a protocol application must complete training before conducting research involving human subjects. The IRB will not grant final approval of a new protocol unless required training has been completed. CITI training is educational, informative (and free!) and broadens awareness of what human subject research is all about.

This CITI Training requires completion of specific modules in a web-based course. The CITI training program is set up as a series of short (5-15 minute) modules that can be taken at any time from any place with internet access.

The goal of CITI training is for researchers to have an awareness and understanding of the issues associated with human research protection.


  1. Go to
  2. Select "Register for the CITI course."
  3. On the "Select your Institution" panel, drop-down menu, choose "Ascension Health". Click the "Submit" button.
  4. On the "Select Your User Name and Password" screen create your own username and password following the directions provided. Passwords must be between 8 and 12 characters long. Click the "Submit" button.
  5. Provide the demographic information on the CITI Registration Page. Click the "Submit" button.
  6. Select the group of modules you need. (Note: Upon completion of one group, you can complete modules in the other group if you believe it will be of benefit to your training.)
  7. Once you choose a group of modules, you are directed to the "Learner’s Menu’ page. In "My Courses" section, you can begin the course through the red link under "Status". You will see a list of the required modules as well as the date and score you received for any modules already completed.
  8. After you read the educational information provided in a module, you will take a quiz covering that information. You must complete the quiz at the end of each of the required modules before you can proceed to the next module.
  9. At any time during the taking of a group of modules, you are able to quit and return to the course later. However, you must quit after taking the quiz for a particular module, not DURING the taking of that quiz, or your answers will not be recorded.


  • You do not have to complete all modules at one time.
  • Total time to complete this web-based course will be three to six hours.
  • You must complete the courses in order.
  • You must achieve an overall passing score of 80% on these quizzes.
  • When you have completed all of your required courses, print the completion report for your records. This is your certification of completion.
  • A notification email will automatically be sent to ORF and CITI administrators.
  • Every three years you will be asked to complete a "Continuing education" component to maintain certification.
  • If you not complete the CITI training, ANY protocol that lists you as key personnel cannot be reviewed and approved by the IRB.
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