Ventricular Assist Device Program Types of Therapies

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Types of Therapies

Destination Therapy

Currently, the Heartmate XVE is the only FDA approved device for permanent implantation. In certain Heart Failure patients who are on optimal medical therapy, have exhausted all other treatment options and do not meet criteria for heart transplantation this device is available for them. Soon there will be other devices to follow as clinical trials are underway to increase the number of devices to choose from for this type of therapy.

Bridge To Transplant

Since 1969, VADs have been used as support to sustain a patient’s life and maintain their other organ function while awaiting heart transplantation. Recently, great strides have been made to improve the quality of life for patients on VADs by allowing patients to go home on these devices. VADs also allow waiting-list candidates to improve their overall condition, providing adequate cardiac function for cardiac rehabilitation.

Bridge to Recovery

In incidences when the heart muscle needs time to recover after open-heart surgery, cardiogenic shock ( i.e. heart attack, mass blood loss) or other cardiac incident where there is potential for recovery. The VAD can serve as a device to allow the natural heart to recover.

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