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Sanitizer Dispensing Door Handle System




Medical Device


The invention is a hand sanitizer dispensing door handle system that aids in mitigating the spread of nosocomial infections through increased hand hygiene compliance. The push/pull door-mounted design includes a sanitizer delivery system operable independently of the door latch, allowing hand sanitizer to be dispensed when the door latch is actuated as well as when the door latch is not actuated, allowing multiple users to sanitize their hands at any time.


It is well known that hand hygiene non-compliance results in healthcare associated infections. Barriers to compliance include perceived inconvenience, forgetfulness, and lack of accessibility. Existing commercial products are incompatible with traditional hospital room door handles, installed on one side of a door, utilize traditional dispensing mechanisms, and do not promote user adoption. Hand sanitizer dispensers that are incapable of dispensing hand sanitizer without actuating a door latch may be impractical for use by certain individuals wishing to practice hand sanitization, for example, an individual passing by the hand sanitizer dispenser in a hallway, any individual when the door is open, a second or subsequent visitor or health care provider to a patient’s room, may be required to unnecessarily actuate the door latch to obtain hand sanitizer, which may be disruptive to a surrounding environment or harmful to patient perception.


  • Sanitizer delivery system operable independently of door latch
  • Coupled system for front and backside of door
  • Avoids surface contamination of door handle


Patent Pending

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