Seton Research Enterprise

Seton’s Research Enterprise houses the Office of Research Facilitation (ORF), Seton/University of Texas Southwestern Clinical Research Institute of Austin (UTSW CRI), Innovation and Technology teams.

The innovation and technology teams bring new ideas to life, help patent and commercialize inventions and find cool new health technology. The research teams facilitate and conduct clinical research.

Collaborating for Research Success

The ORF and Seton/UTSW CRI of Austin rely on successful collaborations with many Seton departments such as: Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy, Nursing, the Physician Enterprise and other clinical specialties. Additionally, we foster relationships with external industry sponsors, area hospitals and local universities.

The ORF and Seton/UTSW CRI of Austin are poised to serve a significant role in partnership with the new teaching hospital (Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas) and medical school (Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin), as the focus on clinical research in Central Texas flourishes.

Bringing the Results of Innovation & Research to Patients

The innovation and technology commercialization team helps bring new ideas to life. In collaboration with internal partners and industry, we evaluate the application and potential adoption of emerging health technology. Additionally, we assist researchers and inventors in patenting and seeking commercialization pathways to ensure life-saving and life-improving discoveries and technologies reach the patient.