Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers. More than a million cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed this year in the United States according to the American Cancer Society. Malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, claims one life every hour. Seton’s Cancer Screening team hosts skin cancer screenings to help find skin cancer early and educate the community about being “Sun Smart.”

In June 2013, Seton and collaborating physicians screened 279 persons for skin cancer. Of those, 117 required a biopsy or referral to a specialist.

Seton’s Skin Cancer Screening Services

Each appointment will take approximately 30 minutes. The exam includes patient briefing by the RN that covers skin cancer risk factors and prevention behaviors, self skin exam procedures, and the signs of malignant lesions.

Patient privacy and confidentiality will be respected throughout the exam. Prior to the exam, permission for release of medical information will be obtained to assure proper follow-up.

Patients with abnormal findings will be encouraged to follow-up with a physician at the time of the exam and will be provided with a referral list of dermatologists if necessary.

Seton CPED will follow-up monthly by telephone with the patient to encourage discussion of the significance of the exam with a physician. If a malignancy is suspected, follow-up phone calls will occur more frequently until the patient is actually seen by a physician.

Our program will continue to follow a case until the employee receives a doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, or the patient notifies us that our services are no longer required. When patients do not respond to at least two consecutive messages requesting information about their condition, their case will be closed and they will be notified that they are no longer receiving case management services.

Seton CPED will confidentially store all patient information for 5 years following a screening event. Only dermatologists or RNs who have completed the Skin Screening Module in the Professional Education for Prevention and Early Detection Program at MD Anderson (or the equivalent) may perform skin cancer screenings on adults over the age of 18.

The company at which the person is screened is responsible for advertising the screening and takes responsibility for employee awareness of this program.

Seton CPED charges $40 per skin cancer screening exam. Employees may pay by cash or personal check at the time of exam.