Healthcare Team

We are here for you and we are committed to your safe care during your stay with us. You will be cared for by a group of highly trained staff who are a part of your health care team. Team members include physicians, registered nurses (RN), clinical assistants (CA), patient representatives, chaplains, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, case managers, social workers, diagnostic staff, pharmacists and dietitians.

You and your family members are also a part of the team as we encourage you to participate in planning the care that impacts your health and safety.

Amenities For Your Comfort And Convenience

  • Smoke-Free Campus
    Seton Medical Center Williamson places top priority on the health of our patients and our staff. A smoke-free environment promotes wellness and models healthy living. This policy extends beyond just inside the hospital—it includes any surroundings adjacent to hospital grounds and parking areas at this site.
  • Free Wireless Internet Access
    Patients, their families and visitors can now stay connected with life beyond the hospital. Free wireless Internet access is now available throughout the facility. Patients and guests can use personal laptops, PDAs, or other handheld devices to access the Internet via Seton’s public wireless network. The service is especially beneficial to patients and their families who may need to remain in the hospital for an extended period of time and want a way to keep up with personal or work-related activities. Learn more.
  • Interactive Television
    At Seton Medical Center Williamson, every patient room is equipped with a convenient information and communication system that is available to you through the television in your room and the use of a wireless keyboard or other handheld device. With this service, you have access to patient education resources, the internet, movies, email, games and other entertainment options.
    Additionally, you have the ability to alert us immediately of any issues or concerns, as well as give us feedback on our performance.
  • Patient Meals – Room Service
    Seton Medical Center Williamson offers At Your Request, a room service program that gives you control of ordering the foods you want and deciding when you want to eat. With this program, we strive to meet your nutritional needs and requests and do our part to make your stay more comfortable.
  • Volunteer Services – At Your Service
    At Your Service is located at the Information Desk and assists patients in a variety of ways including help with the discharge process. Upon discharge, your nurse will arrange for a volunteer to come to your room with a wheelchair and/or a cart if you have plants or flowers to be taken with you.
    Patients may call At Your Service or the Volunteer Office at ext. 44298 if you need a newspaper or books and magazines from our patient library.

Identification During Treatment

You will notice during your stay that caregivers will ask for your name numerous times. This is done not as an inconvenience to you, but as a measure to continue accuracy of patient identification when administering medications or taking blood samples. Caregivers will match your name to paperwork and labels involved in your medical treatment. This is a safety standards issue and in no way decreases the compassionate, personalized care you will be receiving.

Medical Equipment Alarms

You may also notice during your stay that the equipment used in your care may make sounds or alarms. This is a normal component of medical care. Your physicians, nurses and care staff are trained to monitor the equipment and will advise you as to what any sounds mean.


The chapel and Interfaith Meditation Room are located on the first floor and are open 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Roman Catholic Mass is offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. For a schedule of Ecumenical and Memorial Services, and other special events, contact the Seton Network Chaplain Services Department at (512) 324-1480.

Chaplain Services

Chaplains are available Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for visitation, prayer, spiritual and emotional support, sacramental ministry, assistance with advanced directives, ethics clarification and support. On-Call Chaplains provide after hours (24 hour) coverage. Chaplains can be reached by contacting the hospital operator. Of course, your own clergy is always welcome.

Mail / Deliveries

Volunteers distribute mail and other deliveries that come for patients at the hospital. We ask that your correspondents include your name and room number whenever possible.


Telephones are available in all patient rooms. For the hearing impaired, TDD phones are available upon request. Incoming and outgoing calls are available 24 hours a day. Courtesy phones are located throughout the hospital for your convenience. To place a call:

  • To place an outside call from inside the hospital, dial “9” and then the number.
  • To call within the hospital, simply dial the 5-digit extension of the number you are calling.
  • To reach the hospital operator, dial “0”.
  • To place a long-distance call, dial “9”, “0 “and the number. The operator will come on the line and connect you with your chosen long distance provider. International calls must go through the hospital operator. Long distance calls must be charged on your telephone credit card or placed collect.

Cell Phone Use

At Seton Medical Center Williamson, we are continually seeking means to provide a safe patient care environment. Recent advancements in telecommunications technology have provided much convenience; however, some of these same technologies may interfere with the performance of advanced medical equipment. Accordingly, we must prohibits the use of cell phones in the following critical care areas: Emergency Department, Surgery, Intensive Care Unit/IMC , Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Endo and Cath Lab. We thank you for your cooperation.


The keeping of valuables such as jewelry or money in your room is not recommended. These items should be sent home. Valuables will be accepted for safekeeping in the hospital vault until discharge. Your nurse can arrange this for you. Seton cannot be responsible for money or other valuables kept in your room.

Personal Items

Personal items such as toiletries, comb and brush, gown or pajamas, robe and slippers are encouraged. We suggest that you keep only a small amount of money at your bedside. Seton cannot be responsible for valuables kept in the room. If other arrangements need to be made for safekeeping money or other valuables, please speak to your nurse.

When not in use, eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aides and contact lenses should be kept in a protected container or in your bedside cabinet since Seton Medical Center Williamson cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage. A special storage receptacle may be obtained from your nurse. Please DO NOT wrap your dentures in a napkin or facial tissue or place them on your meal tray, under your pillow, or in a tissue box.


All Seton associates wear identification badges with photographs for your safety.
Additionally, our Women’s Services area has an infant security system to protect newborn infants.

Our Security staff is available 24 hours a day to assist you with concerns such as theft, suspicious people or activities, escorts to your vehicle, or help in locating your vehicle in the parking lot. If you have any security concerns, please call ext. 55555.

Patient Representative

The Patient Representative assists patients and families seeking solutions to hospital-related questions, concerns, and/or special needs. They help promote communication between patients, families, physicians and hospital staff. The Patient Representative is available by dialing ext. 20325.


Check out time is 11:00 am. Your physician will collaborate with you and other members of the health care team to coordinate a safe discharge plan based on your individual care needs. Discharge planning begins once your plan of care is determined. Your health care team will do their best to address the following concerns one day before discharge:

  • Your discharge living arrangement (destination).
  • Your medication list, special dietary needs, and any equipment or outpatient services that you will need.
  • Thorough explanation of post-discharge activities, including signs and symptoms that you should report to your doctor, and how to follow up with your physician if indicated.

We ask that every effort be made to check out by 11:00 a.m. Before you leave, please be certain you have:

  • Understood your discharge plan and asked any questions you have.
  • Planned transportation so that your discharge is timely.
  • Packed everything you brought with you.
  • Asked your nurse to retrieve any valuables from the hospital safe.

Social Workers

Social Workers are available to help you in planning for your care following discharge from the hospital. Social workers may also help you and your family manage the stress and anxiety that illness may create, and make referrals for any community resources that may be needed.


The outpatient pharmacy is located on the first floor behind the information desk. It is open Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.. Prescriptions received at discharge can be filled and we accept Seton Health Plan, Medicaid, MAP, CHIP, Kidney Health Care, STAR and CDIC. Inquire if we are a provider member of your insurance plan. If you pay for your prescription, our receipt is valid for claim processing to your insurance company.