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In 2007, the Clinical Education Center (CEC) was created by converting a modern, fully-functioning hospital into a state-of-the-art teaching facility. The result is an immersive learning environment equipped with current technologies, high fidelity simulation suites and hospital unit simulation labs

Available Resources

  • 4 Skills Labs
    • 10 Patient Care Areas
  • 5 Simulation Rooms with recording capability and Debriefing Rooms
    • Operating Room Environment
    • Intensive Care Unit Environment
    • Emergency Department Environment
    • Labor & Delivery Environment
    • Acute Care Environment
    • Debriefing Rooms
  • 3 Individual Simulation Rooms
    • Skills Trainers and Laparoscopic Trainers
    • Operating Room Environment
    • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • 1 Immersive Hospital Unit
    • 22 Inpatient Care Areas
    • 2 Exam Rooms
    • 2 Debriefing Rooms
  • Simulation Mannequins

Usage Guidelines

Facilitator is responsible for participant compliance with the following requirements; Failure to adhere could result in restrictions, limitations, or disallowed use of CEC resources in the future.

  • During Class:
    • Facilitators must be present during all scheduled skills and/or simulation lab activities.
    • No equipment or lab materials are removed from the lab without following the CEC checkout process
    • Clinical/professional attire is worn by participants while working and/or training in a simulated clinical environment (appropriate scrubs or uniforms and closed toed shoes).
    • Equipment or furniture is Not disturbed or relocated if it is not part of your scheduled activity’s set up.
    • All participants adhere to Do Not Enter and/or Do Not Disturb signage
  • Facilitator and Participants will insure:
    • Treatment of mannequins, equipment, and environment is respectful, as appropriate in a clinical setting.
    • All participants wash their hands prior to using mannequins and/or equipment.
    • No mouth-to-mouth respirations are performed on the mannequins.
    • No markers, ink pens, acetone, iodine, staining medications, newsprint, or inked lines of any kind will be placed on or near the mannequins.
    • No Food or Drink in the skills/simulation lab or simulated clinical settings. Designated areas are provided
  • At end of class:
    • All sharps are properly disposed of in sharps containers provided.
    • All equipment will be returned to its original location at the completion of the lab activity.
    • All beds will be returned to their initial location and/or orientation at the completion of the lab activity.
    • All equipment, mannequins, vacuum, and gases are turned off at the end of each activity.
    • All trash is picked up and thrown away.
    • All chairs and tables are returned to their initial location and/or orientation.
    • Complete CEC Exit Form. This form will be emailed to facilitator upon completion of the lab activity.

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Request Simulation Training

  • Contact the CEC Simulation Manager Judy Kitchens, MHA 512-324-7000 ext 88107
    Email Judy Kitchens
  • Seton Associates access Seton Learning Central
  • External Affiliates/Non-Seton Associates
    Contact the CEC Skills & Simulation Lab Coordinator
    Marianne Mowry, MSN, RN-BC
    512-324-7000 ext 88114
    Email Marianne Mowry

Simulations Scenarios

image Seton is proud to have four hospitals – the only hospitals in Central Texas - that have earned the Magnet designation, the highest award for nursing excellence given by the American Nurses Association.