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2012 Conference Headings

An Interdisciplinary Persepctive of the Perinatal Period - Neonatal Day

An Interdisciplinary Perspective of the Perinatal Period - Maternal Day

Complications During the Antepartum Period
Michael Nix, MD, FACOG

Complications of Pregnancy Diagnosis, Triage, and Treatment
Michael Nix, MD, FACOG

Emotional and Psychological Support of the Family - Boyd
Kelly Boyd, Psy.D

Is Breast Really Best What does the Data Say
Amy Brandes, RD, LD, IBCLC

Maternal Nutrition Issues Eating for Two
Yvonne Martinez, RD, LD

New Approaches to Nutritional Management of High Risk Neonates
Steven A. Abrams, MD

Way of the Horse - Letting Stress Go Staying Resilient
Susan Ourston

2011 Conference Presentations

The Journey to Becoming a Baby Friendly Hospital - Law
Becky Law, RN

Trends in Neonatal Palliative Care
Terri Lynn Major-Kincade, MD, MPH

Behavioral Health Issues During Pregnancy and During the Postpartum Period
Roger McRoberts, MD

Hypertensive Disease in Pregnancy
Mike Nix, MD

Managing Difficult Encounters with Family and Visitors
Susan Ourston, RN, MSN

Texas Health Steps: An Overview
Mindy Schroeder, RN

The Baby Friendly Initiative
Erin Hamilton Spence, MD

Antenatal and Intrapartum Fetal Monitoring: A Review of the New Criteria

Neonatal ECMO for the Bedside Nurse
Nathan Thornton, MD

Considerations in Neonatal Medication Dosing and Administration
Kelly Vaughan, PharD

2010 Conference Presentations

The Infant of a Diabetic Mother
Sikander Adeni, MD; FAAP

Hypothermia for Hypoxic Encephalopathy
Mitchell Imm, MD
Sharon Demel, RNC-NIC, MSN

Pyelonephritis and Complications of Pregnancy
Byron D. Elliott, MD

Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy
John G. Harkins MD, FACOG

Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy - Preconception to Postpartum
Mrinalini Kulkarni-Date, MD

Update: Late preterm infants – a population at risk
Susan Landers MD, FAAP, FABM

Delivery Room Management of Neonates with Single Ventricle Physiology
John D. Loyd, MD, MPH

Behavioural Issues in a Psychiatric Perinatal Population
Roger Lowel McRoberts III, MD

Diabetes During Pregnancy - Nutrition-related Guidelines
Kimberly M. Morris MS, RD, LD, CDE

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