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At Dell Children's Medical Center, we care for body, mind and spirit. It's why our care plans include innovative programs like art therapy, music therapy, color therapy and pet therapy. Around here, every patient gets expert care and a healthy dose of playtime. Because that's the human thing to do.


At our newest teaching hospital, Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas, doctors, students and researchers will come together to find new cures and treatments. After all, staying well is no laughing matter.

Humancare Videos

Humancare at Seton comes to life through the stories of patients and their caregivers. Mouse over the images to find out how we are making health care better, one person at a time.

Humancare Stories

  • Trip turns Seton nurse into a life-saving hero

    For Seton Healthcare Family nurses, delivering the best possible care and approaching every person with an open heart happens daily on the job. But for Seton nurse Christina Sumrow, RN IV, it happened on vacation. Sumrow, who works on the 9th floor at the University Medical Center at Brackenridge in the Med/Surg, Oncology, Neurology Unit, attended a wedding in Atlanta with her husband. While waiting at the Atlanta airport to catch a flight back … Read More

  • Special Deliveries Brighten Patient’s Stay

    Reverend Leigh Jackson, BBC, chaplain at Seton Medical Center Williamson, took special interest in a patient facing a prolonged stay in the ICU that had already spanned more than three months. When confronted with a recent complication that set back the patient’s treatment yet again, the patient confided in Leigh and expressed her sadness and struggle with the lengthy hospitalization. To brighten the day and lift spirits, Jackson purchased more than 30 latex-free balloons, … Read More

  • Kindness Isn’t Optional

    One of our most recent Humancare Award Winners is Robyn Everett, Pharmacy Technician “Aren’t you gonna say hello to me?” queried a patient with a mischievous smile as Robyn Everett delivered his infusion. This light-hearted banter with patients repeats itself frequently. Through Seton Highland Lakes Hospital, Everett co-leads an outpatient infusion center that coordinates supplies, prepares, administers and monitors specialty medications for about 20 patients per week. This unique program allows patients, many who … Read More

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