Wellness & Prevention

For decades, the Seton Healthcare Family has helped improve the lives of Central Texans through health education, wellness and preventive care. We offer a variety of programs and tools that help promote heart-healthy diet and lifestyle choices. Remember that regular primary care also plays an important role in overall heart health and heart disease prevention. If you do not have a primary care physician, we invite you to visit the Seton Family of Doctors to find quality care close to home.

Heart-Healthy Diet

Multiple studies have demonstrated that the Mediterranean Diet is heart healthy, whether you have a history of heart disease or not. Those who follow this type of diet have been shown to live longer, experience fewer heart attacks and strokes, and have lower risks of developing diabetes mellitus.

The focus of the Mediterranean Diet is to eat foods that are:
• “Whole” (unprocessed)
• Plant-based
• Low in saturated fats
• Low in processed sugars
• Low in salt

Learn More about the Mediterranean Diet

Preventive Screenings

Seton Family of Hospitals is proud to offer free cardiac screening events throughout the year. The assessment and consultation with a health care professional includes:

  • Cholesterol Test – measures total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides.
  • Body Mass Index – measures body fat based upon height and weight.
  • Body Fat Percentage – measures fat as a percentage of total body weight.
  • Blood Pressure – measures the force of blood against arterial walls during and between heartbeats.

To reserve your screening appointment, please call 512-324-2333.

Educational Seminars

Our cardiac team regularly conducts presentations and lunch-and-learns on heart health topics for local employers, clinicians and community members.  To request a speaker, please contact us.