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When It Comes to Heart Transplants, Size May Matter Most Jan 8, 2014
Whites More Likely to Undergo Weight-Loss Surgery: Study Jan 8, 2014
Acquaintances in Social Networks May Find Themselves 'Replaced' Jan 7, 2014
Breast-Feeding Might Reduce Moms' Odds of Rheumatoid Arthritis Jan 7, 2014
CDC: Docs Aren't Doing Enough to Discourage Problem Drinking Jan 7, 2014
Chantix Helped People With Mental Illness Quit Smoking Longer in Study Jan 7, 2014
Drug Duo Might Help Smokers Quit Better Than Single Med Jan 7, 2014
Half-Century of Smoking Prevention Extended 8 Million Lives: Study Jan 7, 2014
Labeling Food With 'Stop' or 'Go' Colors Might Spur Healthier Diet Jan 7, 2014
Mouse Study Hints at Plastics Chemical's Link to Prostate Cancer Risk Jan 7, 2014
Preemies' 'Excessive' Crying Tied to Risk of Behavior Problems Later Jan 7, 2014
Temporary Fever May Occur When Kids Under 2 Get 2 Shots at Once Jan 7, 2014

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