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Michael Coverman, MD

Michael Coverman, MD

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In 1981, Dr. Coverman opened Austin's first Physician Supervised Skin Care Clinic and Spa.   He was the first to offer Collagen, CosmoPlast, Restylane and Hylaform for wrinkles, and likewise the first to perform laser surgery, sclerotherapy for spider veins, Quantum SR FotoFacial, and Smoothbeam Laser for acne and scars.    Dr. Coverman is Austin's first and most experienced physician injecting fillers for wrinkles, and offers six different lasers in his office for hair removal, tattoos, scars, pigment, blemishes, broken blood vessels and wrinkles.   He has trained other dermatologists and plastic surgeons on lasers, and has had numerous local newspaper and T.V. appearances.   He is Board Certified in Dermatology and Internal Medicine.