Seton nurses are compassionate and innovative. They are empowered professionals and valued members of an exceptional healthcare team. Seton nurses are more than what meets the eye – every Seton nurse has a story.

A nurse for nearly 30 years, Laura Rosales has had a long and varied career. Currently the nurse supervisor at Seton Kozmetsky Community Health Center, Laura has also worked at University Medical Center Brackenridge, most recently as the clinical manager on the seventh floor. In addition to her many years with Seton, she has worked as a school nurse, home health nurse, city clinic nurse, nurse paralegal and as a case manager for an insurance company.

Laura has two adult children, both of whom work in the medical field. Her son Lucas (pictured right) is a nurse in the UMCB Emergency Department and a graduate of Seton’s RN Residency Program.

“One of my most gratifying moments as a Seton nurse was when my son decided to go to nursing school,” Laura said. “What an honor to have a child follow in a parent’s career path. Coincidentally, the nurse who offered him his job used to baby sit him when he was a baby.”

In addition to her role at Seton Kozmetsky, Laura is one of 30 Seton nurses who enrolled in Walden University’s online MSN program. She credits Seton for encouraging her to grow professionally and to keep learning. “Seton promotes growth and leadership development,” Laura said. “Seton nurses don’t have to hunt and peck on their own to find out about available educational programs and trainings.”

Another advantage of being a Seton nurse is the many career opportunities available. Laura was able to switch from being a clinical manager at UMCB to nursing supervisor at a small community-based clinic. “I like to tell people that if you get bored at Seton, it’s your own fault. There are just too many options.”

image"I was there when the first baby was brought in to UMCB's NICU during the Hurricane Ike evacuation. I watched a nurse pick the baby up off the stretcher, cradle it and say, `Welcome to Austin. Today is your first day here.' That nurse’s actions encapsulate what we all do in times of need."

Eve Giddens, RN, BSN,
Clinical Manager, UMCB, Mother/Baby and Nursery

Laura S. Rosales, RN, BSN, CMSRN,
Seton Kozmetsky
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