The Mission of nursing at Seton is to employ innovative and transformational leadership within the network and the community to ensure the highest quality of patient care and optimal health outcomes for those served.

Seton nursing is a core strategy of the Seton Family of Hospitals’ ministry to meet the complex healthcare needs of Central Texans, with a special concern for those traditionally not served or underserved.

Seton nurses believe that nursing is an applied art and science. The focus of professional nursing practice is to provide excellence in holistic (mind, body, spirit) care to individuals, families and communities throughout the healthcare continuum.

Nursing care is given with honor and respect for the inherent worth and respect of each individual regardless of resources, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, race, religion or health condition. In exchange for the trust society grants through licensure, Seton nurses take personal responsibility to maintain competency in practice through continuing education and assume responsibility and accountability for individual nursing judgments and actions.

Exemplary Professional Nursing means the dynamic, specialized scientific knowledge, skill and performance to provide the highest-quality nursing services within the scope of the organization. Seton’s organizational and nursing leaders aspire to excellence in nursing: the highest level of nursing services defined within the model of Professional Nursing in a dynamic environment.

"The art of caring is what sparked my interest in becoming a nurse. As any practicing nurse will tell you, nursing is both a science and an art."

Rose Koneski, RN, MSN, FNP-C,
Seton Lockhart Clinic

Seton leaders talk about Nursing

Joyce Batcheller,
RWJ Executive Nurse Fellow Alumna,
Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer

Charles J. Barnett,
Seton Family of Hospitals
Sister Helen Brewer,
Daughter of Charity, Chair, Seton Board of Trustees